I don’t think there is anything more precious than a new born baby.  Baby photography is the fastest growing part of my business and I could not be happier about that.  Being asked to photography a new born baby is the highest honor a photographer can receive in my opinion.  You are being bestowed the honor of taking the first images that are going to adorn the infant’s baby book, albums, parents wallets, home walls, etc.  These first images will prehaps be the most important images that are ever taken, simply because they are the first professional images.  For that reason alone, I make it my mission to capture the best possible images I can of each and every baby.  Parents will want to remember exactly what their baby looked like when they came home from the hospital, right down to the details of the hands and feet.  With every baby session I do, I make sure to get up close and personal with each and evey baby and capture the innocence and beauty that they possess.

Here are a few images from a recent session with baby Caitlin.  Baby Caitlin was extra cool to work with since she was so well behaved (she slept most of the time!)  and even looked at the camera!  I was able to get the shots I came for, right down to the hands and feet.  I placed Caitlin down in a colorful pink blanket her parents had on hand and used it as a backdrop for the first few pictures.  I then was able to take some pictures of her with mom and dad before doing some shots in front of a black backdrop for use in the baby announcements.  So here they are…

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If you live around Charlotte then you may have picked up a copy of a local magazine called Elevate Lifestyle.  Elevate Lifestyle is a monthly magazine that provides insight on cultural, entertainment, dining, and nightlife in Charlotte.  It also highlights particular businesses in the Charlotte community that may appeal to its audience. 

In the March 2009 issue of Elevate Lifestyle, I was fortunate enough to have a few of my images included in an article about engagement sessions.  My friend and fellow photographer Laura Vossberg is the cultural editor at Elevate Lifestyle and wrote a story about how engagement sessions have changed in recent years.  In her article, Laura highlighted the experience that she and her fiance Brian had on their engagement shoot, as well as the different locations that we choose for the shoot.  I was Laura and Brian’s photographer on their engagement shoot and she include a handful of images from their session in her article (look for them in this blog).  Check out the March 2009 issue to read the article and see the images.  You can find it here.

As I mentioned in a previous post, engagement sessions are a great opportunity for you as a client to get to know your wedding photographer.  Most couples do not have e-sessions, but really should consider them.  They are fun, laid-back, easy going, and provide you the opportunity for some really compelling lifestyle images that you will love.  Best of all, you get the chance to work with your photographer ahead of your wedding day and become better acquainted with the camera.  This will make your wedding day images that much better and help your photographer get to know and understand your personality.

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 I love engagement sessions!  Engagement sessions give me the opportunity to get to know my clients before their wedding day.  Not just to discuss their wedding, but to really get to know them beyond the photographer/client relationship.  It is also a time for couples to see how I work and to become comfortable in front of the camera before the big day.  I highly encourage prospective brides/grooms to consider having an engagement session with their wedding photographer.  It is a great opportunity to get to know your photographer and it will it will insure that your wedding day is a huge success.

Bryan and Danielle met me uptown for their engagement session at the corner of Trade & Tryon because they wanted a modern twist to their session.  They did not want anything too traditional and instead wanted to incorporate the city lights into their images.  Bryan and Daneille are also very nice, fun loving people, so the feel of uptown Charlotte suited them for their engagement shoot.  My goal for the shoot was to try and capture the city lights, while at the same time add a romantic overtone to the images.  To do this, many of the images are shot using video lights and grids for spot-lighting effects.  I also captured many close-ups, as well as wide-angle shots to ad variety to the shoot.  I am a big fan of wide-angle photography and the addition of negative space to a photo.  Many shots below have this extra dimension to them.  Here are just a few from the session:

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I had the pleasure of being asked to photograph the wedding of a good friend of mine who is also a fellow photographer.  Laura Vossberg and I often shoot wedding together, so when she asked me to be her wedding photographer I was very honored.  Laura and her finance Brian are really cool, so I wanted to do something special for them and put together an engagement photo session that would really capture what made their realationship unique.  To do that, we decided to actually do two engagement shoots.  The first one would take place in historic North Charlotte, better known as NoDa.  This is where Brian and Laura met.  The second shoot would take place uptown Charlotte under the city lights!

Here are some of the images from NoDa:

These shots are from out excursion uptown under the lights.  What is cool here, is that we were able to get shots with cartrails in the background since I brought my tripod.  I was also able to do some really cool shots using video lights for some more romantic looking imagary.  For couple looking for something different, I highly recommend doing an urban shoot under the lights.

Thank Laura and Brian!  Loking forward to your wedding!

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