All American Portrait Session (Charlotte Wedding & Portrait Photographer)

Putting together quality photography is more than a fancy camera and fast glass.  It requires careful color coordination in terms of the clothing, as well as a good grasp of lighting, posing, etc.  Below is a good example of what I am talking about.  I had the pleasure of working with a great family, three generations in fact!  With so many people, I had to create different levels/layers to the image by carefully posing the family.  This helps to create a cohesiveness to the image, while also allowing each family member to stand out.  The family wanted to use an old tractor as part of the image.  When I arrived, the field where I was to shoot the session was washed out in sunlight with no trees, making photography very tricky.  I immediately noticed that off in the distance was a stand of trees way off on the horizon.  So I rounded up the family and headed off (with tractor in tow!) to the tree line.  This made the backdrop for the images both pleasing to the eye, as well as providing enough shade to prevent the images from becoming washed out.  I always like working with backdrops like this, because if carefully placed, I can create a wonderful rim light around my subjects.  This is when the sunlight forms a rim around the subjects head(s) as it filters through their hair.  A carefully placed reflector was used for fill.  We brought along some hay bails to create layers and for a more authentic feel to a country themed, all-American portrait session.  Here is the results, I loved how it came out!

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