Anna & Fred’s Wedding @ NoDa Chapel and Birdsong Brewery

The first time I met Anna and Fred I knew I was going to be a lucky photographer! They are both so laid back and I was impressed by the enthusiasm they displayed when talking about their wedding plans. Anna and Fred have that look in their eyes when they see each other that is a dead giveaway that they are head-over-heels in love with one another. I mean it is written all of their faces! I just knew it was going to be a fun wedding day and that they were going to be a pleasure to photograph. I got my first chance when I shot Anna and Fred’s engagement session that you can see here. They love Charlotte and NoDa in particular and their wedding incorporated so much of what makes North Davidson awesome! We began the day at NoDa Chapel for their first-look and wedding, and took to the streets for all the fun shots of Anna and Fred and their wedding party. The day finished with their reception at one of the best brewery’s in the city and state – Birdsong Brewery. There are a number of things that stand out about this wedding. For one, Anna and Fred’s first-look was one of the most emotion filled few minutes I have had the pleasure of photographing in 12-years on the job. Just look at the reaction on Fred’s face down below and you can get a sense of just how powerful the moment was between them! Second, this emotion carried right on over into the ceremony making it very memorable. What an awesome wedding it was! Finally, I love the romantic shots of the couple using the colorful murals that are all over NoDa. Congrats Anna and Fred, it was a pleasure to document your wedding and I wish you two the very best! You two have a special bond that I will always remember and I am lucky to have been around to capture it on your wedding day.

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