Caitlin & Jack’s Wedding @ The Saratoga Springs (Charlotte Wedding Photographers)

I’m really happy to unveil Caitlin and Jack’s wedding at Saratoga Springs today! I always love going out to Saratoga Springs, as it is a photographer’s paradise with it’s lush landscaping and picturesque backdrops! We dodged some early showers and were able to get some wonderful images. Caitlin and Jack wanted to do a “first look” and man did it really turn out well! We got a little creative with this first look and drew out the anticipation by having Caitlin and Jack back-to-back. Anything to help build the excitement! Some of the best weather of the day arrived just in time for the ceremony. The sun always filters through the trees perfectly at Saratoga Springs! I always love how the sun drenches the leaves rendering them golden and warming up all the imagery. This especially makes the horse-drawn carriage shots magical! After the ceremony, we took some time to get a little crazy with the bridal party group shots! I had the bridesmaids and groomsmen swap bouquets and jackets. I also had the guys mimic shots that are usually reserved for the ladies.. so funny! All in all this wedding was very memorable and so much fun! Congrats Caitlin and Jack, you guys put on one heck of a great wedding!

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