Engagement Session in Uptown Charlotte

Urban!  That is the way to go for an engagement session.  Well, that’s just an opinion, but I like going to center city as you might see by glancing over my blog.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like natural settings like pastures, meadows, parks, and trees like the next person.  But I like urban setting for the color and grit, for the geometry of the buildings and the lines that I find almost anywhere.  I can walk down any street, at any time of day and find something interesting to work with.  There is always something cool to shoot. 

My shoot with Patrick and Lisa exemplifies this completely.  I randomly went down streets in Charlotte with no set pattern and no idea what I was going to shoot, or what I would find.  Some of the places were familiar, most were not.  That’s why I like the city.  Everytime I go to the city I find something new.  Patrick and Lisa were awesome in following along and we came away with some great shots.

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