LeeAnna & Brian’s Engagement Session at Tanglewood Park (Charlotte Wedding Photographers)

Have you asked yourself or pondered how you might define love and happiness?  It is very hard to verbally define what those words actually mean.  I am not sure if I have ever heard or read a definition that truly expresses what those feelings are.  It is so hard to express what it really means to be in love and to be happy.  However, I am blessed in that I can see what love and happiness is through my camera all the time, even if I could not define it.  If you have ever really wondered what “love” is, or what “happiness” is, then look no further!  All you really need to do is take a look at the images of LeeAnna and Brian down below and you will know exactly what those two words mean.  I shoot many sessions and weddings per year and see these expressions often, but I could not help but feel a renewed sense of these feelings when shooting this wonderful couple!  What I mean is that their feelings for each other bubble over, are palpable, tangible, and very genuine.  It made the session all the more fun for me, since I was able to feed off of their energy and produce some stunning shots.  I look forward to LeeAnna and Brian’s wedding, as I anticipate that I will capture their love for one another all over again!  Congratulations guys, it was great spending part of the day with you!  

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