Infant Photo Shoot in Canton, NC

My longtime friends Jason & Nicole recently had a baby!  I have known them for over 10-years and of course I really wanted to be the first to take their baby’s picture.  Jason & Nicole live in the moutains, so I took the family up for a little trip and stopped in for a quick photo shoot.  Little John was very tiny and the shoot went well.  I like clean backgrounds, often choosing white paper or simple pink/blue papers if I choose to use a backdrop at all.  This time I used a clean charcoal background because I think it produces a nice tonality for B&W photos and can look quite nice for color photos as well.  All images are with natural light, produced from the diffused light of a huge sliding glass door.  I love it when I have great light available to me.  Here is some of that timeless look that I always strive for with my shoots.  These shots will look great in 50-100 years and will never grow old.




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