Kendyl & Trevor – Bamboo Forest Engagement Session

When I first met Kendyl and Trevor, I knew I wanted to do something unique for their engagement session ahead of their October wedding. The two of them are fun to be around and have the best personalities. They are two great people who deserved two great locations for their e-session. So I started planning their session by scoping out some new locations for the shoot. I wanted to go someplace different, but altogether unique and private. I also wanted a place that would be somewhat magical really, somewhere that provided the perfect backdrop for this exceptional couple! Fortunately, I found the perfect place for their session in the form of a bamboo forest. I just love the lines of the bamboo crisscrossing in the background, some in focus, much of it out of focus. I also like how it looks either in color or B&W! What I like most in the case of this session is how the bamboo sets off the subjects – Kendyl and Trevor. The environment both envelops and emboldens them all at the same time! That is exactly what I wanted with this session, to find an immersive environment that accentuated my clients in the most unique way. The session was a real blast and I love both the romantic shots of them, as well as the funny candids of them laughing and enjoying one another. After finishing with the bamboo forest, we headed to on open field near a lake for some of those really wonderful spring/summer late-afternoon shots that are forever timeless and forever classic for their warmth and feel. I am looking forward to October when these two get married as I know the wedding will be truly outstanding! More to come!!!

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