Lindsay – Bridal Session (Charlotte Wedding Photographer)

I am continuing with a theme today – bridal sessions.  In my last post I mentioned some of the benefits of bridal sessions, as well as the challenges that photographers face creating quality bridal portraiture on either the wedding day, or during an actual bridal session.  With the following bridal session I have selected a number of images that represent a range of what I like to accomplish during a typical session.  I like the classic, traditional full-length shots of the bride in her dress, but I also like varying the shots beyond the traditional.  Some of the shots include half-length, three-quarter length, as well as close-up shots.  Also, I also enjoy getting profiles of the bride, as well as shots from behind.  In this way, I hope to have more than traditional shots and smiles and have a full range of photography that captures the mood of the session and the personality of the bride.  Lindsay is one of my recent clients who I enjoyed working with.  Here are some of the images from her session.

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