Modern Bridal Portrait Session – Charlotte

I am so excited to post this bridal session!  Last month I was scheduled to shoot Allison’s bridal portraits up around Lake Norman.  We had planned to do some around The Point, which is where she was getting married (more on that later, she had an awesome wedding and great pics to come!).  Well, we got rained out and had to postpone the bridal shoot.  No biggie, just rescheduled for the following week.  Well, come time for the redo and the weather was not cooperating again.  Since Allison’s wedding was only 2-weeks away, we just decided to see what we could do indoors, or maybe outside if there were any breaks in the action (oh, that never happened by the way!).  At any rate, this is one of those classic examples of when the most challenging shoots can be the most rewarding.  When you go to a shoot thinking “sun, puffy clouds, nice lake backdrop, etc..” and instead what you get is lake wind advisory conditions and thunderstorms and you must figure out how to utilize every skill and piece of equipment you have to the fullest. 

So…. what I did was unpacked my video light (which I love for its simplicity and mood) and put together more of a fashion shoot than a typical bridal shoot.  I was also able to find enough window light (and one really nice and very large window) to do some of my signature natural lit shots to balance out the entire shoot.  Anyway, I am super happy with the results as was Allison since it would have otherwise not have happened without the rain!  Enjoy.

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