Pilot Photo Shoot at Carolinas Aviation Museum

If you live in the Charlotte Metro area I bet you did not know that we have an aviation museum did you?  The Carolinas Aviation Museum  is located right next to Charlotte Douglas Airport and houses a collection of civilian and military aircraft for the public to view.  If you are into aviation it is worth a visit one weekend afternoon.

So why am I mentioning the Museum anyway?  Well as the title of the post indicates, I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot out there recently.  Busch, a third generation pilot wanted to do a shoot in a setting that fit his career and suggested the museum.  I was pretty excited, since it was something completely different and challenging and because Busch wanted shots with the planes and jets in the background (no easy task considering the scale of some of them).  It was a fun shoot and Busch dressed in his military and commercial attire for the shoot.  Here are some from the shoot.

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