Really Cool Family Session!

Time to get caught up on my blog, so today I am featuring the Harriss Family.  The Harriss’ are a super cool family that loves candid, natural photography with no backdrops or props.  Perfectly up my ally, since I am usually not asked to bring a backdrop or props of any kind to most of my sessions. 

At any rate, with indoor sessions with no backdrops, the biggest challenge is always working with the interior of the home and making use of what available light you have.  Sometimes, I may have very few windows, or it may be rainy outside, so there is very little light coming into the house.  On days like that, I often have to supplement the light with large softboxes w/flash to give the illusion of window light.  I also almost always have to move some furniture around and sometimes remove a few pictures from the wall when I go on family shoots.  This sort of preparation is what is necessary to create properly lit imagary and clean backgrounds.  The idea is always to create very classic, natural images that utilize the beauty of ambient light, or if you don’t have light, create the illusion of natural window light.

Now when I arrived at the Harriss’, I did not have to worry about available light.  It was a nice sunny day and they have large windows that allow plently of ambient light to come into their home.  A big plus is they had some really cool furniture to work with and I utilized it to the max.  Their two boys are fun to work with, so I had them sit on the furniture and hardwood floors and I waited for the action!  Here is a sampling from their session.

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