Videographer Spotlight: Brian Bunn Films

Today begins a new series of posts that highlight area wedding professionals, as well as help couples better plan their wedding and pick quality vendors who will make their big day perfect.  These informational interviews are aimed at helping couples learn more about what we do as wedding professionals, but also assist couples in finding the prefect “fit” for every aspect of their wedding.  Today I highlight videography and Brian Bunn from Brian Bunn Films.  Videography is a field that has changed dramatically over the past decade.  Watching a wedding video today is like watching a blockbuster, you will be blown away!  The emotion of the wedding day can be as real while watching the video as it was when you lived the moment.  To appreciate it, you really need to spend time seeing local videographer work – from REAL weddings.  Brian Bunn is one of the best videographers in Charlotte and his clients love his laid back attitude and attention to detail.  I had a chance to interview Brian at his studio recently and here is what he had to say:

How did you get into wedding videography?

Out of college I wanted to pursue sports photography.  I started editing for another videographer, mostly ceremonies and receptions as a side gig until I could find a job.  As time passed, I started shooting and editing some of my own work, and all of a sudden, something “popped”!  After that, I realized how much I loved this stuff and I couldn’t imagine not being a part of such a great industry, and most of all, being a part of the best day of someones life! I am so in love with all of the beautiful emotions and the storytelling from the footage that it had literally wrapped me up like a barbed wire fence and wouldn’t let me go.  Ever since then I’ve been hooked!

What was your first wedding like?  What stood out about it and what did you learn?

The first wedding was awesome and numbing times one hundred!  The groom was a friend of mine from back in my motocross photography days.  On the day of the wedding I was so nervous.  I had planned everything out and knew what I wanted to do. I had checked everything (equipment, batteries, etc.) a hundred times! I remember thinking at the end of the day – holy crap, I feel like I have been ran over by a truck, but what a great feeling to know that I captured someone’s most memorable day and will be making a movie out of it!

I know it is hard to pick a favorite, but could you describe one of your favorite weddings?

There really is something about each wedding that is my favorite and makes me fall head over heels.  One of the weddings that stands out to me, the couple was funny and super laid-back!  They were getting married at an outdoor venue, they were willing to do anything to get the best shots.  At one point the bridesmaids grabbed my camera to film me and told me to do something crazy, ha!  The bride and groom just made me feel like family.  I felt like I had a connection with them and had known them for years.

How would you characterize your style as a videographer?

I would say it’s a mix of emotional, energetic, boutique and a little dramatic. I want the couple to feel all of the beautiful emotions of their wedding day that I felt while filming. I enjoy studying how the bride & groom act around each other to catch each others vibes. This may sound silly but I really try to get involved as much as possible because I want them to feel like their wedding day would’nt be the same if I wasn’t there! Most of all, I strive to create a story that is so awe-inspiring and heart-stirring that it not only takes your breath away, but reaches down and touches their very soul.

What advice would you give a couple who is looking for a videographer?

When a bride and groom is looking for a videographer, I think it is best to meet the videographer face to face to get a good feel of their personality and to see some footage. Not only the quick versions we post online but footage from all parts of the day. It easy to shoot in good light but what about those tricky times during bad or low lighting. There are times when the couple can’t meet, is out of state or just fine with not meeting up. But I still think they should know some details of your work ethics. At the very least, schedule a phone call to go over the details. A good videographer will also work well with all of the vendors the couple has invested in for their wedding. Also, always ask about audio. Having good audio is an absolute must. How they capture audio from the ceremony as well as the reception. There are so many options when it comes to videography and I think a lot couples see the quick 2-3 minute online versions and think that’s all they get. Which is totally not the case, at least for myself. Which again, is why is so important to meet up or chat over the phone so you’ll have a good idea of what you’ll get.

Where do you see wedding videography going in the future, what trends do you see?

I’d love to see it get way more popular! Wedding videography has definitely come a long ways and I really hope couples can see that we’re not just another “uncle Bob” with a video camera. It has also gotten really creative with the storytelling and the artistic-cinematic style of getting good shots. There are lots of tools becoming available to get different angles, but at the end of the day, it’s all about storytelling. Being able to see the motions and hear the audio from the day… it’s by far, the very best way to relive your wedding. Some trends I’ve seen lately are the many ways of sharing quick peeks of footage to social media. Creating a story from all of the footage captured can take a while to edit, if you want it done right. So having an option to share quick peeks on social media is definitely a plus.

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