Willows, Bridges and Fall Foliage – Holiday Family Session

I am on a mission to roll out a new blog post everyday this week! The holiday season of sessions is winding down, so the time has come to show off some of my awesome clients and their families! Today I am featuring the Bryant family. This family was a pleasure to work with and the boys were so much fun to photograph. I brought my famous bench out to this shoot, because I had not used it in a long time and thought it would be perfect for a family shot of the Bryants. Often times the locations I shoot at don’t have anywhere to sit, so I sometimes bring my own seating! It is just a little something I do to create variety with the shots. I have been fortunate this year to have had great weather at nearly all of my shoots, owning to the recent dry spell. The Bryant family looks so great in their attire and the willow trees make such a great backdrop in some of the images. Well that is it for today, I’ll be back tomorrow with another session, or maybe a wedding!

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