Telling a story – that is photography to me. In fact, I would consider myself as much a historian as a photographer. After college I began my professional life as a high school history teacher. At some point I began to find both pleasure and extreme satisfaction in documenting personal history, as opposed to lecturing about it in a classroom. That is exactly how I see photography, not just images and posing/lighting, but as a historical event. Each session and wedding I shoot is as unique as the people in front of my camera. The event is a moment in history, one that should be properly told.

My singular focus is to know my clients and translate their emotions and feelings on camera. The intimacy and bonds that are present between parent and child, friends and relatives, husbands and wives. Ultimately, it is your personality I want to capture. It is what make you “you” that is important to me and then expressing that through the artistry of photography. I don’t just want to meet my client’s expectations, but exceed them!

So what can you expect from me? It is all in the details! I want to guide you through your session or through your wedding day. It is my goal to be your personal storyteller, not scripting the story, but instead documenting the event as it unfolds. At the same time, I believe that my role is to make you feel comfortable, as well as to give subtle direction in classic portraiture.

I would characterize my style as a blend of lifestyle photography with a strong emphasis on timeless portraiture. To that end, I believe in nailing those candid moments, but at the same time crafting one-of-a-kind portraits that draw on my 10+ years of experience. I would also characterize myself as a perfectionist. It isn’t good enough to just get the “shot”, it is equally important to capture all the details that make your story unique to you!

Brent shot our wedding…we loved everything about our pictures! I had ideas of how I hoped our pictures would look and I have to say… Brent overshot my expectations!! There were so many cool pictures. He pays close attention to details and was sure to get every picture I requested. I would recommend him for any photography need. Thanks again!  Andrea & Jason

Now aside from the technical and the style, what about me? I am from the Tarheel state and was raised in the best little small town in the world – Lilesville, NC! When I am not behind a camera or in front of my computer my idea of a good time includes hanging out in the mountains, paddling my little kayak down the local rivers and kicking up my feet beside a fire pit and roasting s’mores with my two daughters. My wife is my rock and we share an absolute passion for travel.

I want to understand your story! To that end I would encourage you to contact me directly either by phone or through my “inquire” page at the top.


Brent Gulledge Photography