Bryan & Danielle’s Engagement Session

 I love engagement sessions!  Engagement sessions give me the opportunity to get to know my clients before their wedding day.  Not just to discuss their wedding, but to really get to know them beyond the photographer/client relationship.  It is also a time for couples to see how I work and to become comfortable in front of the camera before the big day.  I highly encourage prospective brides/grooms to consider having an engagement session with their wedding photographer.  It is a great opportunity to get to know your photographer and it will it will insure that your wedding day is a huge success.

Bryan and Danielle met me uptown for their engagement session at the corner of Trade & Tryon because they wanted a modern twist to their session.  They did not want anything too traditional and instead wanted to incorporate the city lights into their images.  Bryan and Daneille are also very nice, fun loving people, so the feel of uptown Charlotte suited them for their engagement shoot.  My goal for the shoot was to try and capture the city lights, while at the same time add a romantic overtone to the images.  To do this, many of the images are shot using video lights and grids for spot-lighting effects.  I also captured many close-ups, as well as wide-angle shots to ad variety to the shoot.  I am a big fan of wide-angle photography and the addition of negative space to a photo.  Many shots below have this extra dimension to them.  Here are just a few from the session:

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