Brand New Website, Brand New Blog!

After many months of hard work and saving $$$, I have finally launched my brand new website (same domain) and this blog.  The website domain has been around for years, but was in major need of an update, so I completely overhauled it and I think all my client will like it.  The best thing about the new website is that it allows me to show more of my work and many more gallaries of images.  I had clients ask me “Brent, when am I going to see my kids on your website”, but the problem was, I could not put them on there since I did not have room under the old website.  Problem solved!  Now, not only can I out more images up, but I can put whole chunks of client sessions on the website for everyone to see.  Best of all, the images are bigger and at a higher-resolution, so no more eye-squinting!

Now, as awesome as the new website is, this blog that you are reading from is just as great.  Why a blog and a website?  A website is a great place to show my portfolio and for my clients to order prints and products.  However, the blog is the place where I can talk about my photography.  It is where I can show up-to-date work on a month-to-month basis.  Blogging will allow me to talk more about what I am trying to achieve with my photography, what challenges I have to deal with on any given shoot, etc.  I can also give advise to potential clients about photography, as well as important wedding information and vendor details.  The possibilities are virtuality limitless!

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