Bridal Portrait Session in Charlotte NC

I know I say “I love to do…”  quite often for just about everything photography related, but I must say I really enjoy bridal portrait session.  I think I like bridals for the same reason I like engagement sessions, in that it gives me an opportunity to get to know my client better and it gives them an opportunity to open up in front of the camera some before the wedding.  Besides the personal reasons, from a technical perspective, bridal sessions give me more freedom to try photography techniques that I cannot ordinarily do on wedding days.  For example, when I shoot bridals, I can do more complicated lighting setups that use softboxes, grids, beauty dishes, reflectors, etc.  I can take more time to light my client without having to worry so much about time constraints.  More importantly than that, I think it is important to document the most important person of all – the bride. 

Here are a handful of images from a recent bridal session.  Rachel was a great sport, since she wanted a traditional bridal shoot, but did not mind a few more contemporary images taken during the session.  These images were taken at the chuch where she was to be married (More to come on that…!).  I love this session.  Great old church, wonderful window light to supplement my fill-light and reflectors and it has a fantastic courtyard for outdoor portraits.  I also was able to get some cool shot using my off-camera softbox.  Enjoy.

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