Family Portrait Session in Downtown Charlotte

I have been looking forward to posting this for the last month or so, but just have not had the chance until today.  I shoot many family portrait sessions in a given year, but I rarely shoot one as unique as the one I am featuring today.  Most shoots I do are in parks, fields, wooded areas, barns/stables, natural places, etc.  Outdoor shoots are always in daylight, usually in the evenings.  I often do traditional family sessions with backdrops, studio style lighting, etc.  Well, not this time!  The Burkett family wanted something different and they were not interested in the having a traditional setting.  Instead, they asked if I would shoot them under the city lights of downtown Charlotte at dusk and at night!  Heck yes I will!  What a cool idea, to do family shots as well as shots of the individual family members in a non-traditional setting. 

So here is what I did.  The Burkett family met me around dusk so we could get a few shots with some light.  We then proceeded to walk around in a predetermined loop of downtown and stop at places I thought might be interesting for shots.  For most of the shots I used a small video light.  I also used off-camera flash and a softbox, although that proved difficult since it was unusually windy on that particular day.  Anyway, see for yourself, this was a really cool shoot.  A special thanks to the Burkett family for their suggestion and their willingness to do something different.  So here are some of my favorites:

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