Infant / Newborn Baby Session in Waxhaw North Carolina

I may have stated before that the best time for newborn photos is when they are less than a week old.  When infants are just a few days old and up to a week, they still retain a certain look that they have when they are first born.  That “look” seems to change as their skin and body becomes more acclimated to the world around them and they quickly grow.  Photographs taken of an infant at say 3/4-days, versus say 2- weeks look completely different.  Again, it is all about the look of the skin, the shape of the face and head, etc.  All that will change rapidly in a matter of days. 

So… Julia was just a few days old and I just love being the first photographer to take someones professional images.  I would encourage anyone wanting an infant session to have their session sooner rather than later for the reasons above.  You only get one chance to get those images.  Here are some of hers…

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