Marriage Proposal in Uptown Charlotte

OK, this was sooooo cool and I have been wanting to post this since it happened right before Christmas.  Jason called me back in October and told me his plan.  He would propose to his girlfriend Katie right on the corner of Trade & Tryon in front of the big waterfall.  Meanwhile, he would have all of their closest friends and family gather at the very nice Blue restaurant (without her knowing of course!) to celebrate with them afterwards.   Now that is a heck of a guy!  You have to give a guy lot of credit to execute a plan like that.  Well done Jason!

My job was to hide and capture the moment (no flash, this was a darkly lit moment) as it unfolded.  This was no easy task!  It was VERY cold that night with a brisk wind.  The toughest part for me was trying not to be noticed.  I had a 70-200mm lens (a big honking lens!), so imagine trying to wield that around and take pictures of someone who does not know you are taking pictures of them!  There was virtually no available light (only the Christmas lights from above their heads), so all the shots of the proposal had to be shot at ISO 6400 with a steady hand.  Very challenging as I don’t get a retake!  The shoot was very fun for me, as I have never witnessed a proposal other than my own before 🙂 Check these out…

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