Wedding at Grace Covenant Church in Charlotte

I have been meaning to post the pictures from Bryan and Danielle Carter’s wedding for some time now, but have been a little busy of late.  You can check out their engagement photos by clicking on the link at the top of the blog titled “Categories” and under “engagement” you will see some really cool images from downtown Charlotte.  Anyway, Bryan and Dani had their wedding at Grace Covenant Church in Charlotte and they had their reception at the very cool Byron’s Southend afterwards.

Grace Covenant Church of Charlotte is a wonderful church for a wedding, as it has charm and warmth.  The church also possesses really nice architecture that lends itself well to wedding photography.  I really enjoyed photographing Bryan and Dani there, as the church gave me those classic shots that I love to get.  Another cool thing about the wedding was that Bryan and Dani decided to have all the “formal” photography done before the ceremony.  That’s right, I said before the ceremony!  I can’t tell you how cool it is when couples make that decision.  It means that they can see each other for the first time in near seclusion (other than me of course!), and they take care of most of the photography ahead of time.  It takes the pressure off of them in many ways and it means more high quality images. 

Also, a special thanks goes to The Michael Catlow Group with whom I was shooting with on this wedding.  If you don’t know about The Michael Catlow Group you should check them out sometime if you are planning your wedding.  MCG does full service event planning for weddings, including photography, DJ, videograhy, and coordinating needs.  Check out their website and give Stephanie a call there if you need more info.

Here are a bunch of images from the wedding from Grace Covenant Church of Charlotte and Byron’s of Southend.  Enjoy!

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